Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Graphic Design Series: Font Theory

How to choose fonts that reflect the brand style?

Source: The Daily Egg

Apart from dividing fonts into the categories mentioned above, there is lots of other factors that can be taken advantage of building the right association:

Lowercase - Uppercase

Character Weight: Light - Medium - Bold
High Contrast - Low Contrast
Character Width: Regular - Condensed - Extended
Italic - Oblique

It's really interesting to notice how the understanding of the different moods and personalities of fonts develops as I've consumed media myself. I personally love typography design, and how surprisingly versatile and creative it can be in all its simplicity.

Combining Fonts

"Don't try to be original, just try to be good."
"Compliment OR contrast!"

As much as combining typefaces is an art, there is some general rules that can be used in pretty much any graphic design project. 

1. Combine a Sans Serif With a Serif
2. Avoid Combining Too Similar Fonts
3. Assign Distinct Roles
4. Contrast Font Weights
5. Clever Use of Typographic Color
6. Mix Moods Carefully
7. Contrast Distinct With Neutral
8. Use Different Font Sizes
9. Keep It Simple - rarely mix more than 3 fonts in a design!

Get inspired of the free font pairing guides online!

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