Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Clothing Design: Pants & Skirts

Most common pant styles

Harem pants from 132. 5 Issey Miyake. Harem pants are often times called drop crotch pants.
Each body shape has their own best suitable pant and skirt styles. The rectangle, inverted triangle and apple body shape scan basically pull any of them, whereas pear shaped women should stick to dark colours and looser fits, loose and bootcut styles being the most flattering. Flared pants suit the hourglass shape the best.

Some of the most common skirt styles

As a general rule of thumb: the body shapes that have a defined waist (hourglass and pear body shapes), should embrace it, and the body shapes lacking it (rectangular, pear and inverted triangle) should draw attention to the long, sleek lines - their arms and legs. They can also wear skirt and pant styles that have details on the hips, as those add volume, whereas the body types that already have full hips should focus on sleeker styles.

Drawstring hem midi skirt from Henrik Vibskov
Asymmetric draper skirt from 132. 5 Issey Miyake

Pleated origami-inspired mini skirt from 132. 5 Issey Miyake.

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